Steven Mastroianni Photography | Guttman family volume (revised)

This is a single volume, 6x6 50 page spread. Each spread is two pages left to right. The volume is ordered with a standard leather cover, however I have included an optional photo cover similar to what I usually produce for my clients (the cover shows back to front with the spine up the middle).
Please refer to the full gallery of images to make any changes to specific spreads: http://.../suzanneandikey
Password: GC052613
Black leather coverBrown leather coverRed leather coverWhite leather coverGC_G Photo cover1GC003-spread001GC005-spread002GC007-spread003GC010-spread004GC011-spread005GC012-spread006GC017-spread007GC015-spread008GC018-spread009GC019-spread010GC021-spread011GC024-spread012GC025-spread013GC027-spread 14GC028-spread015