Steven Mastroianni Photography | Guttman-Cohen full size 2 volume set

This is a two volume 10x10 set. Each volume has 50 pages (25 spreads). Spreads represent two pages left to right. Two "alternate" covers are provided as a suggestion, as these are the types of covers I usually create (covers show back to front with the spine up the middle). However, the set is ordered with plain leather covers. Please indicate your preference.
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Password: GC052613
GCcover1blackcoverblue leather 1browncoverwhite coverredcoverGC001_01GC002_02GC003_03GC004_04GC005_05GC006_06GC007_07GC008_08Pages-008A_09GC009_10GC010_11GC011_12GC012_13GC013_14